Today I’ll go over my basic routine.  Sam’s pretty predictable now, so this is what my days usually consist of- which is why it gets hard to come up with wonderful witty things to write about!

(times may vary, this is an ideal day though)

10:30 – Sam wakes, up, dressed, breakfast, then upstairs to *gasp* watch TV.  Blues Clues is the norm, recorded (love DVR).  We keep mornings quiet, since I’m not a morning person (yes, 10:30 is morning!), and Sam seems to jive with that.

1:30 – Naptime!  (2-4 hrs after waking) Since we’ve gotten Sam used to lying down and going to sleep on his own (with no crying!), this is one of the nicest parts of my day.  He sleeps for like 2 hours!  This gives me time to myself!  Or for laundry, dishes, general cleaning.  But you know… mostly for me.  🙂  We’re running an hour early today, hence me writing this at 12:30.  These 2 hours give me a chance to chat with friends (mostly my bff Niki – hi Nik!), check my websites, make it through my email, and even catch a nap if I’m so inclined.

3:30– Sam’s up, and it’s his lunchtime.  Chow down, and I often use this time to call & chat with my mom.  Then we go play downstairs in the living room.  Completely baby-proofed room, so he has the run of it.  Lots of chasing, book reading (his, not mine), stacking (& knocking down) blocks, etc.  Sometimes we go for a walk, down to get the mail and possibly around the block, depending on weather & mommy’s energy level.

6:30/7:30 – This is the usual timing for Sam’s dinner, and Ryan to get home.  More downstairs running playtime, then we head upstairs for more quiet (re: TV) time about an hour before….

9:30 – Sam’s bedtime!  (6 hrs after nap) Again, no crying, just our bedtime routine (pjs, hug daddy goodnight, get teddy bear, read “Five Fluffy Bunnies” with mommy, kisses, sleep!).  We *really* love that he’s gotten used to this routine, it helped a lot on vacation, despite sleeping in strange places.  We had a hard time getting him to not cry when we put him down, but it was definitely worth it!

Ryan and I have the rest of the evening for our various internet/TV/whatnots.  We usually make it to bed around midnight-ish.  Which is really very good for us, I swear!

So there you have it folks- my normal day, barring unforseen problems like teething, sniffles, or loud delivery guys.  Fun stuff, huh?

Perhaps my next edition of riveting reading will be about our Saturdays- when Sam and I actually venture out of the house for more than 30 minutes!  Whoo!

-me aga[i]n


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