So far this month, we’ve had 10 days at 100 degrees or more.  All the rest of been in the 90s, all upper except 2, including today.  Yet, TODAY is the first day of summer!  :-p

I am NOT a warm weather person.  60-70 is really the highest I want to get, and I much prefer it cold enough to snow.  And here I am in Austin, sweltering.  Ugh.

We’re probably going to get a little wading pool for Sam this weekend- make use of his swimsuits before he outgrows them.

Baby pool

Might make me be outside long enough to get a little sun too.  Or not.  lol  But it would be something to keep us busy.  After Sam spent a week having almost constant attention from 10 people, he’s a little hard to handle.  Only one person to fawn over him during the day?!?  That will just not do!  Wonder how long it takes to get over a vacation?

Speaking of odd post-vacation behavior, Charlie’s being weird.  We boarded him & Linus while we were away, and since they’ve been home, Charlie’s not been himself.  He’s eating, but not with his usual voraciousness.  He’s slow to get up, has to be prodded to go outside.  And he doesn’t want to go down the stairs in the morning.  We don’t know if he caught something there or what.  I think maybe he fell in love with some little french poodle, and he’s depressed he’ll never see her again.  🙂  While that’s the sadder theory, it’d cost less at the vet.  Though if this keeps up, we’ll have to go get him checked out anyway.  Here’s a picture of the pups, sleeping in each others bed.

That’s it from me for now.  Nap time flies by too quickly, and I have too much to do!

-me aga[i]n


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