gone soft

I used to be a shoe person.

I loved a good sky-high heel,  highhighheel

a fantastic pair of boots,boots

a strappy sandal,  sandal

an adorable kitten heel.  kitten

Never had a problem walking in high heels, and I could make running in them look completely natural.  Pain was no deterrent to a great pair of shoes that added the perfect touch to my outfit.  You go home, take them off, have someone rub your feet or put on band-aids, no big deal, completely worth it, don’t give it a second thought.

But then…

I got pregnant with Sam.  My balance shifted, my feet got swollen, and I let myself get *shudder* comfortable.  And I allowed myself something that I never had before.  Flip flops.


I’d been against them, mostly since they’re over used.  They let people put no thought whatsoever into one of my favorite parts of an outfit.  They slip them on with shorts, jeans, dresses- anything!  Plus, since I’d never worn them & built up a tolerance, they hurt the space between my toes.  But they serve a purpose- walking to the beach, and allowing a fat-footed 9 months pregnant women to still get service, as long as she has the requisite shirt as well.  And then… they grew on me.  (at least in seasonally appropriate times, and never with jeans)

I also got a less personally embarrassing pair of sneakers…

similar (similar)

…but they still seemed a cop-out on my regular style.  And now, here I am, the mother of a 13 month old… and my long-gone pregnancy ways still haunt me!  The last pair of shoes I bought was a pair of the dreaded flip flop variety… wedges, but still flip flops.


Upon realizing this tonight, I went browsing for shoes, and was I admiring beauties like these?

heels sigh sigh2

Or even these?

kittens kitten3 kitten4

No.  The first things I look at are these:


And while they are, admittedly, very cute sneakers, I am NOT a sneaker person!  I don’t do sports (don’t even want to watch), I don’t like outside, and, to boot, I hate wearing sneakers without socks, which these practically demand.

So anyway, I’m feeling completely ruined, shoe-taste wise..  But if I were to make allowances for myself (cause if I don’t, who else will, hm?) I will say that before I had to wear business friendly clothes to work, and needed dressy shoes.  So now I’ve really no place to wear such fabulous shoes, and it would make them sad to be purchased and just sit in my closet, no matter how pretty they are, or how often I visit and purr over them.  Also, I chase Sam around, crawl around the floor, and carry him up and down the stairs- none of these activities really go well with 3 inch heels.

Complete side note, but don’t those first shoes, the high heels, look like they’d (almost) go perfectly with Julia Roberts polo dress from Pretty Woman??


That’s all my shoe related thoughts for tonight.  Thanks for joining in.

-me aga[i]n

ps- The shoes in this post can either be found at endless.com, payless.com or oldnavy.com.  I’m too lazy to link all of them, so happy hunting.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Niki
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 22:49:05

    Yes, those are perfect for Julia’s dress… LOVE ‘EM! And “Hello” from the other post! How do I subscribe to this thing…


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