what’s the hubbub, bub?

I am unbeliebably bored right now.  Almost the kind of bored that makes you want to do things you’re SUPPOSED to be doing.  But not quite.  I’m only in the eating stage right now.  Very dangerous.

Today Sam had a dr. appointment to check his head circumferance.  He’s off the charts for his age, and they wanted to check again 6 weeks after his last appointment.  Hasn’t gotten any bigger since then, so they’re not worried.  I sure was though.  So big sigh of relief.  Next appointment will be his 15 month check-up.  Whee.

We did get Sam a pool this weekend.  Bought on Saturday, blown up (*puffpuffwheeze*) on Sunday, and we have yet to actually use it.  Maybe tomorrow- the dr. appt. threw us off today.


Ryan & I watched Spiderman 3 last night, for the first time.  Okay movie, not my favorite.


Discovered I don’t think I’ve seen X-Men 3, which is odd, cause I really enjoyed the others.


Speaking of movies, my mom & I coincidentally both watched 27 Dresses this weekend.  Very weird that we both did without knowing about the other.  Cute movie.


I kinda want to see Knocked Up, even though the director & male actors aren’t my faves- like Katherine Heigl though.


If any of you want some good time wasting, free entertainment time fun, visit Hulu.com.  Some decent movies on there right now (Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind),


and you can catch up on some sitcoms.  I’m trying to get into The Riches, cause I like Eddie Izzard, but frankly, it’s kinda slow going.


That’s it from me for today.  Adios!

ps- for those who want to subscribe to the new blog, I think you have to make a wordpress account.  Then you’ll get a dashboard toolbar at the top, I think.  Here’s the link.  Let me know if it works!


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