Today was a basic day.  Had some fun news from a friend, but don’t know if I can share it with everyone yet.  Eventually though!

Sam “got” drawing today… we’ve tried a couple other times, but he didn’t understand making marks with a crayon/pen/etc.  But today!  He has a magna-doodle type thing on his play table, and i showed him, and the little light bulb went on!  He immediately afterwards tried to chew on the magnet pen though (which he hadn’t done with it before realizing it marked), so he did relate it to the crayons he’s previously been shown (and chewed on).


So we moved to the kitchen to try his Aqua-doodle, so I wouldn’t have to worry when he started chewing on his medium.  (they just draw with water on a special pad) Here’s a pic of him, before he got bored with the idea.

Only his name and one of those squiggles is mine- the rest he did!  And so opens a world of art projects and afternoon time-taker-uppers!  FANTASTIC!  Hopefully they’re all non-toxic and non-staining.  Maybe some of those markers that only work on their special paper.  To the toddler art supply store!


-me aga[i]n


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