We’ve rejoined Netflix, since summer is upon us and Sam’s got a nice sleeping schedule again.  Tonight we watched Ocean’s 13.


Good movie, nice group to watch.  Eddie Izzard could have had a bigger part though, but oh well. 🙂

That picture of Ocean’s 13 up there is actually for the soundtrack.  But I liked the look of it better than the ones for the movie…


…and since I’m in charge here, I can do that.  Golly, I am drunk with power!

We also have Princess Diaries to watch…


and Sweeney Todd.


Quite an assortment, no?  I wonder if the people at Netflix watch people’s queues?  Maybe have a pool going, for who can find the strangest grouping of movies at one house at a time?

I’m going to leave that question to you, because I know I could spend all night finding weird movies, and it’s already almost 2 am.  So I will leave you with that for the weekend my friends- enjoy!

-me aga[i]n


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