ratio of yum vs. quickness

Okay, let me start this out by saying I am NOT a cook.  I don’t particularly care for it, the time it takes, the thought needed, etc- just not my thing.  I, in general, don’t like eating enough to go too far out of my way to do so, especially not when there are microwaveable things readily available.  I am not, however, opposed to eating home-cooked food made by other individuals.  That said, we can continue with my theory, which only holds up for other people like myself.

Alright, exhibit A:  Rice A Roni, Broccoli Au Gratin


I love this stuff, it’s great.  Very tasty.  It, however, is very time consuming (as far as my cooking goes).  Rice/Pasta mix in skillet w/butter, brown it (say 10+ min), add water & seasoning, and let it cook for another 15-20 minutes.  Real pain in the neck.  If it didn’t taste SO good, we would never ever eat it.  So the ratio of tastiness to quickness for it is somewhere around 9/3.  (total=12)

On to exhibit B:Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, Creamy Four Cheese


This stuff- not so good.  For having 4 cheeses, it’s veryvery bland.  But not bland like plain rice would be, closer to the not just boring, almost not good bland.  BUT it is FAST!  So when I’m already cooking something, and realize it really needs a side, bam.  There ya go.  The ratio of tasty to quick on this is about 4/7 (11).

I’m realizing that, in theory, the ideal ratio would be 10/10, a 20, and it makes the 12 and 11 look really low.  I guess my 20 would be something from say… PF Chang’s… quick(ish) and yummy.  Not really quick, but it gains points by not having to be made by me!  🙂

That’s it for now, hope I made ya hungry!

-me aga[i]n


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