I can’t believe that it’s (15 minutes till) July!  I’m still getting my head around the fact that Sam’s 1, and now he’s nearly 14 months.  Very weird.

Speaking of my little man, he now has a pair of shoes he will actually wear, (of which I have scoured the internet to find a picture, yet failed and I’m not going to go take one).  Mickey Mouse on a skateboard, and he doesn’t hate them!  We got them on Sunday, and since he had the shoes on, he got to toddle around the mall!  He thought that was great fun, and now sees the merit of the silly things.  Yay team!

I’m feeling pretty lazy tonight, so that’s all you get from me.  Forgive- perhaps something wonderful that I can share with you will happen tomorrow.

Till then, have a happy July 1st all!

-me aga[i]n


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