I’m guessing the website at Is It Christmas .com was made for people like me… or perhaps by someone who has kids that are like me.

Spoil sport.  :-p


how far my crazy goes

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So now I’m literally craving Christmas.  Christmas Cap’n Cruch, specifically.

Though I couldn’t find it at all this last year.  Only saw a new one, Halloween Crunch  :-\

Halloween’s not my favorite holiday, so I’m not thrilled about their latest idea.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find the Christmas version this year.  And hopefully I am craving it when it comes out!  But if these seasonal cravings keep up, we really may have to start celebrating early.  Fudge?  Gingersnaps?  Turkey, mashed potatoes & sweet potatoes?  Hm, really starting to sound good!  Eaten with a little background music…

….. or maybe some Dean…

But at this point, even a little Midi would do it for me…

Oh Christmas Tree

That’s it for now boys & girls… and remember to be good… Santa Claus is following your twitter!  (seriously, he started following me out of the blue the other day… how much pressure is that?!?)

Ho ho ho… 🙂


Please don’t text me for a few days- I’m actually over my messages this month.  :-p  Back to usual (minimal usage basically) on the 3rd.  Being out of town a week this month messed up my norm.

Email’s great though, and since I can check it on my phone, it works the same, as far as getting messages TO me.

not forgotten

I haven’t forgotten about you readers.  I’m just soooo tired!  Starting around 3 o’clock, I could really use a nap during the day.  Unfortunately, that’s about the time Sam wakes up from his, so I’m screwed.  And really really tired.  This tiny baby (size of a green olive this week) is kicking my butt!  Anyway, I’ll try to do better.  I need to change my blogging time from my normal evening to mid-day, and it just stiffles my creativity.  🙂

T-T-F-N, ta ta for now!


sweet baby hand

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