Tonight we watched Meet the Robinsons.


Very cute, good movie.  Recommend- go, rent it!  Here’s a clip from the trailer, which is what originally made me want to see it when it came out.

Again, good stuff.

Today, I finally (FINALLY) finished getting my name changed.  Happy 2 year anniversary!  I’d gotten my driver’s license done right after the wedding, but since I’d already waited in line at the SS office and then been turned away (being told the rules had just been changed and you had to do your DL first – stupid), it’s taken me this long to forgive them and go back.

Don’t mess with me.

OOOoooh, that’s a quote!  From another really good thing I watched, last night (to erase Sweeney Todd from my mind).

Rita Rudner: Live from Las Vegas.


Very good, very funny.  Made me L-O-L and everything.  I watched it streaming through the Netflix website- they do have a few good things available immediately to watch (much better selection than they had a couple years ago).

Alright, enough for me from now.  Toodles ya’ll!

-me aga[i]n


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