Good day

So here we are, back at home, all settled in.  Sam and I finished our crazy long excursion, and while most of it was fun, we are glad it’s over!  We weren’t quite back to normalcy though, as today we had lots to accomplish.  Let’s start from the end and move towards the beginning, just to shake things up a bit (and give my poor memory some help.)

We managed to catch the vet, even though they were closed, to pick up Charlie from his teeth cleaning.  Apparently we’ve always dropped them off on Thursdays, since that’s the one day during the week they’re open till 7.  ???  Somehow that seems less likely than them just screwing with us, but it turned out alright anyway.  AND Charlie didn’t need any teeth removed or major work done, so it wasn’t as painful (for him or our wallet) as it could have been.

Our reason for being late was completely out of our hands, and the mad dash drive to get there was made all the more pleasant by our…

Brand New Car!

Well, new to us anyway.  It’s a 2005 Dodge Caravan.  Yes, that’s right- we’re officially mini-van owners.  But it’s black!  (which I’ve only ever seen 1 black mini-van before, and it somehow made it look more SUVish? Or I’m telling myself that anyway).  And it has power side doors, all sorts of gizmos we haven’t figured out yet, and it’s pretty cool.  Well, it’s functional anyway, and going to be needed come March.  Cause that’s when we get our…

Brand New Baby!

Yes boys and girls, that was the first part of our big day- a visit to my doctor.  After trying for a couple months, we found out on June 30th that Sam is going to be a big brother!  We waited till seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound (a brisk 135 beats per minute, perfect) to tell (most of) you.  Everything’s looking great, and we can expect another little sweetie sometime around March 12th 2009!

Sam doesn’t understand the idea yet, but he did help me tell Daddy!  I put this shirt on him the day I got a positive test, and then waited for Ryan to notice when he got home from work.

I’ll try to take a pic of Sam wearing it tomorrow and post it as well.  He hasn’t really gotten to wear it except around the house, but now that the WORLD knows… 🙂

So, now you can go back and check my blog entries for little clues I’ve dropped for you… like this mention of poppyseed chicken, which was so rockin’ because it was a CRAVING…. or this warning about the perils of grazing, which were also cravings (no caps, less strong)… and then of course there is the entry I posted the day we found out, which stated that “perhaps something wonderful that I can share with you will happen tomorrow.” 🙂

So now you know, if you read my blog with a fine tooth comb, you may get early info sometimes!  🙂

For those that are wondering, yes, we are doing belly pics again.  I’ll try to get them in an album soon, and I’ll start posting them here as they get taken.  I’m feeling fine- a few cravings, as mentioned, and I did have a bit of nausea this afternoon.  Though I think that was actually because I was hungry, and the car buying took ages.  Sam & I were both cranky by the time we drove off the lot.  Fun for Ryan!

That’s it for me for tonight folks- I hope you enjoy our news as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!  My next appointment is middle of next month, the 20th I believe, and we get another ultrasound in September!  Fun!


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  1. Niki
    Jul 24, 2008 @ 07:22:06

    YAY! I’m so glad I can start discussing it now! In front of people! or on the net! 😀 YAY!


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