Like the new theme?  While it is entirely possible that my Christmas spirit will wane between now and, oh, say Halloween, for the time being, I like it.  🙂

News of a more timely sort- On Sunday, my biggest little brother turned 18!  This is amazing to me, he’s officially an adult now.  Voting and… uhm… well, voting?  And since it’s all about me here (;-)), it really makes me feel a bit old.  Even more than the fact that I’ll be 25 on my next birthday.  (I’m fine with the 25… it’s the following 26 that makes me shudder a little.)  I hope his birthday was as wonderful as possible.  And here’s a link for him, and all of you that might need it, to register to vote!  😀


Not too much going on here lately.  Sam seems to be teething again.  Drooly and cranky, so that’s fun.  We went out to breakfast Saturday (at Kerbey Lane),

and the food was slow, and he was not happy about it.  Mommy was ill-prepared… how could I have forgotten to bring food to a restaurant??  Crazy me.  Having a toddler means bringing your own appetizer.  You all make note.  🙂  He really enjoyed the apple wheat pancake when it came though, so it worked out.  Speaking of KB though, the one we go to is apparently moving locations.  Behind another row of restaurants we frequent (when we’re able), and next to an Amish Furniture store (that’s the name).  When telling Ryan where they were moving to (I overheard, heehee), instead of saying AH-mish, I went all Texan and said AM-ish.  Ryan starts laughing at me, and I don’t even realize why.  After actually hearing myself, I realized, and joined in the laughter.  However, now I found that Merriam Webster has it pronounced both ways- perhaps just for my fellow Southerners and myself.  🙂

And our Netflix queue has been a bit stuck lately, as we fell a bit out of the habit.  We did manage to watch (over 2 nights, mind you), Enchanted.

Cute movie.  Dempsey’s in it, and that’s always fun.  Though he was entirely clean shaven (no McDreamy stubble), and it threw me off a bit.  (Sidenote:  another good thing about getting summer over with and fall/winter underway?  Fall TV!!!)

We’re doing another 2/3 night movie at the moment, Shrek the Third.

So far so good.  More of a review after we finish, probably.

Also sitting on my desk is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Even though Audrey isn’t my favorite Hepburn [no relation], I do enjoy her.

That’s it for now boys and girls, Sam’s stirring from his nap, and I must bolt.  Hope the beginning of your August is going well, and you’re making the most of the last of the summer.  Even though Autumn doesn’t technically begin until Sept. 22nd or so, I am wishing it away, right out from under you!  🙂

-me aga[i]n


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  1. Niki
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 21:40:43

    Good choice in movies… 🙂 Specially Enchanted (Go McDreamy!) and of course, BReakfast at Tiffanys!


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