I just mixed up a mug of this Vanilla Latte stuff…

…and when I mixed it into the milk… it… well, crackled.  Like Rice Krispies in milk crackled (no snap or pop though).  The directions state to mix the milk into the mix, instead of vice versa like I just did, but still… it seems… odd.

Odder still?  I’m drinking it anyway.  Tastes okay- it’s no Starbucks…

…but better than other latte-at-home things I’ve tried.  Oh, and doing this one hot, but if you’re in the mood for a cool coffee drink at home, try these Cappuccino Coolers.  Vanilla’s okay, but for a more coffee-y flavor, go with the hazelnut.

That’s it for me for now.  Must go down my caffiene… or perhaps just take a nap while Sam is.  Or both!  🙂


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