Browsing through a Marie Claire today (a subscription I’ve cancelled- too many perfume ads, and just makes me green, envy wise), I remembered how much I really adore pretty clothes.  I’ve resigned myself to the stay-at-home-mom uniform of tshirts and jeans.  Not my favorite attire really, and the perk being I will occasionally allow myself to wear yoga pants all day.  Yes, I know, griping about wearing jeans and comfortable clothes all day- my working at a law firm in heels self would beat me with a club for saying that.  But I kinda miss having somewhere to go and wear nice clothes.  So, prepare to daydream along with me- we’re heading into a world where I both have something to wear, and somewhere to wear it!

This great shade of purple is hot for fall (which in theory, I could work into my uber-casual wardrobe):

I have a trench, but it’s a couple seasons old, and I’d love a great wool one…

Looking at Karen Miller’s site, I see this amazing military inspired jacket, which is definately out for me this season (can you see that looking right, stretched over a pregnant belly?)

Also really liking this look, though the skirt’s a little non-classic for my taste- works!

LOVE this look, though in real life, I probably couldn’t talk myself into a high waisted skirt…

Except for maybe these jeans, with the waistband…

…though I really don’t know how any woman who has gone through a pregnancy, and doesn’t have her own personal trainer and chef, can really pull these things off…. oh, btw, the brand name?  Rich & Skinny.  There you go.

Liking the look of this blouse…

LOVE this sweater, though it’d probably make me look hippy

I like this look, the belted sweater, though I myself have never both been brave enough and in possession of the right belt to do it…

…and the sweater itself, is hooded, which at first turns me off, but then looking at the sleek way the hood fits… I like it…

This looks incredibly comfortable, so therefore can hardly be truly fashionable, right?

I’m going to end there, because I’ve bored myself.  Goodnight boys & girls.  Sweet dreams, of luxuries you can afford.  🙂


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