weekend in review

Hello all. Just a quick post on our weekend. Kathy, Ryan’s mom, came to stay with us Friday night. Summer’s been busy, so now that it’s winding down, we’ll get to see more of family hopefully.

She stayed with Sam Saturday night so Ryan and I got to have a date night (yay mom-in-law!). Dinner at Red Robin, and then off to the movies. Since we’re at the end of all the Summer movies, and no Fall ones out yet, we saw the only one that sounded relatively interesting; The Dark Knight.

It was pretty good, but it raised a question that is driving me nuts.

Teeny tiny spoiler here, but nothing that will ruin the movie for you.

Okay, they had hostages, duct taped guns to their hands, tape over their mouths, and put masks on them (to make them appear to be the bad guys instead of the hostages).  What other movie did that????  I’m thinking it was a ski mask?  I can almost see them taking the mask off of one guy and him looking terrified, shaking his head that he’s not the terrorist (terrorist? Was it a terrorist??  I have no idea).  But I have no idea anything else other than that.  Can someone help me out here, please???

That’s it from me for now.  I may have some pictures to post in a little while, but it might be tomorrow.  ttfn


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  1. Karen
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 22:41:49

    Are you thinking of that movie where they rob the bank and they’re all wearing hoodies and make all the hostages wear hoodies too?

    And even if you weren’t, what IS the name of that movie? This troubles me.


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