Falling falling

Finally!  Today, the 22nd of September, is the first day of Autumn.  No no, don’t look at your thermometer… just because it still says it’s 86 degrees means nothing.  The calendar doesn’t lie.

This is also “stay at home week”, according to ABC.  Most of the networks seem to be all for it though, since this is the week just about all the new fall shows start.

Tonight– Heroes & Dancing with the Stars join Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Tuesday: DwtS again, NCIS starts and House

Wednesday: nothing here till Oct. 1st, then Private Practice

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy!!!

Friday: This Friday we have the Presidential Debate on all the main channels, but other than that nothing Fridays till The Starter Wife starts Oct. 10th

We’re thinking we may cancel our Netflix for the duration of the TV season.  We’ve fallen off the wagon lately anyway, and now we won’t have much time.

Had a nice weekend with the in-laws, doing an early celebration of Kyle’s 18th bday (which is the 26th).  Sam did pretty well on the drive there, but the last hour of the drive back got a little hairy.

Oh, I have a write in question to answer.  Melanie wanted to know if I get Christmas-ed out by December, what with starting in August and all.  To tell the truth, if I try to quash the spirit when it hits me early, sometimes I don’t get it back when the actual holidays roll around.  Had a bit of that trouble last year.  So I’m keeping it alive this year, by golly!  But I enjoy the whole time leading up to Christmas so much, it works for me to make it longer.  I’m one of the folks that rejoices when the department stores set up their Christmas areas.  Can’t have enough Christmas for me, no sir!  And even though I’m all about the countdowns, as you may have noticed, I don’t actually want Christmas to come, once the season’s started.  Cause then it’s just over, and that’s a bummer.  I totally feel for the Peanuts cast when they complain of Post-Holiday-letdown.

So no, I don’t get Christmas-ed out.  (I will get Halloween-ed out, by the scary movies and ick- not my favorite stuff. I just want the candy please!)

That’s it for now boys and girls.  Enjoy your week of tube time, I know I will.  (well, depending how the whole Derek & Meredith stuff goes… have you see the promo??)


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