Happy Halloween!



Will you people (whoever you are!) please stop voting for Cloris Leachman?!?

Yes, it’s impressive that she’s out there, making people laugh, and “dancing” at her age.  But basically, she’s a comedian, and we’re WAY past the comedian stage of the competition.  Usually they’re voted off in the first 2 weeks!  (Jeffrey Ross)  And yes, she’s actually trying to dance now, which is an improvement over the slapstick routines in the beginning, but now people with actual dancing ability are getting kicked in order to keep her on.  Come on people, give your votes to people that deserve them!  I suggest Lance & Lacey,

Brooke & Derek,

or Cody & Julianne/Edyta)

Gone but not 4gotten

A post!  A post with pictures no less!  The October Picasa album has all of them, including…

Sam’s Halloween costume!

Sam’s new jeans!

And also, a little reminder… we’re less than 2 months away now folks!

Christmas countdown banner

Aaaand, it’s also early voting time!  Get your vote in early, while the lines aren’t so long, or wait till the 4th… but don’t forget to vote!  I went in last week, and Ryan went this morning.  Google maps is set up to show you your polling location… go look!

Election Day 2008 countdown banner

In our neck of the woods, birthday season has begun.  Actually, we have at least one birthday a month starting in…. hm, well, June actually.  But it seems like more at this time of year… my mom in early Oct, dad on Halloween, Ryan’s is the 2nd, me on the 17th, Gary in Dec, Heagan & Kathy in Jan.  So many gifts for so many loved ones!  And I don’t have a clue what to get anyone except Sam!  I highly suggest everyone go start your wishlist NOW.  TheThingsIWant.com is a great place to do your list, I’ve been using it for years.

After our big news last week (it’s a BOY!), we’ve dived into names and ideas for the nursery.  And while we won’t share our name choice till the baby’s born (March 12th ish), here’s what we’re thinking for nursery!

Isn’t it cute?!  So greens and monkeys this time around.  We probably won’t be quite so ambitious with the painting this time though…

(no stripes!)  but we are thinking we’ll do each wall a different color.  Hopefully it won’t take us 2 months that way!

The baby’s getting stronger, lots of kicks and punches lately.  Getting easier for Ryan to feel him move.  We mention the baby to Sam, but he’s still too little to really understand anything outside of himself.  All he knows is that mommy’s belly button looks funnier than it did a couple months ago.  :-p

Hm, okay, I think that’s all I’ve got for now.  Not a bad catch up post, eh?  If I’ve forgotten anything, I’ll try not to wait a month to get it posted.  Oh, and I know I haven’t put the ultrasound pictures up yet, but I do intend to, and soon.  Ish.  🙂


!!! :-D !!!


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Happy Birthday Moma!

odds & ends

Lots of tidbits I’ve meant to post and haven’t.

From mid-Sept, Sam & I both got new shoes.  Sam’s first real, big boy, tying sneakers!

(hey, you try to get a 16 month old to stay still while you take a picture of his feet!)

And here’s mine…

soooo comfy!

Okay, had another dr. appointment yesterday, scheduled our ultrasound for October 23rd!  We’ll (hopefully) finally know if our little #2 is a boy or a girl!  Get your votes in on the poll people… what do you think?

Because I’m crazy impatient, I went and bought one of these Intelligender tests at HEB (good luck finding them at random stores though).

Another pee test, fun!  :-p  Turns orange-ish for girl, and green-ish for boy.  Their site says they’ve had 90% accuracy in clinical tests, and of course all the testimonials are positive.  I’m not going to take the results to heart… I’m taking it as seriously as any old-wives tale type way to guess the gender.  So no running out and buying pink stuff.  (yes, it said girl… goes with our poll results so far :-p)  I am going to let it ease my problem of, when looking at names/bedding/etc, which side to look at first.  :-p  Everyone keeps asking which one I want, boy or girl, and I just go back and forth.  A little girl would be cool, finally get to shop in the other 3/4 of the stores that are full of girl stuff… but a little brother for Sam?  That’d be so fun.  So I’m really just itching to find out so I can start looking at names, so we only have to go through 25,000.5 names.

We’ll probably keep our name choice a secret until the baby’s born, like we did with Sam.  It was difficult to keep it in, but it’s so hard to pick a name, just going from our own prejudices (Rachel?  I knew a Rachel in school, she ate glue and couldn’t say her “R”s… she was a sophmore…) so adding in everyone else’s… I can’t imagine how anyone can do it!

And in other baby news… I started feeling her/him move this last week!  Very lightly still, but seems to be getting stronger every day.  Love that I’m feeling movement… such a fun reminder, while I’m running after Sam, that I get to learn to run in 2 directions at once before too long!  🙂  I don’t get to spend as much time navel-gazing, so to speak, this pregnancy, so feeling the little one move helps me take a moment and revel.  So wonderful.  🙂

Watching the VP debate right now.  Really, the resemblance to Tina Fey is amazing.  :-p  And if you look away, you’d swear it was her talking.  Speaking of the election, be sure you’re registered to vote!

Rock the Vote!

There’s only a few more days left in most states to get registered.  Register, vote, do all that good stuff.

That’s it for now folks.  Hope your October is going well so far!