odds & ends

Lots of tidbits I’ve meant to post and haven’t.

From mid-Sept, Sam & I both got new shoes.  Sam’s first real, big boy, tying sneakers!

(hey, you try to get a 16 month old to stay still while you take a picture of his feet!)

And here’s mine…

soooo comfy!

Okay, had another dr. appointment yesterday, scheduled our ultrasound for October 23rd!  We’ll (hopefully) finally know if our little #2 is a boy or a girl!  Get your votes in on the poll people… what do you think?

Because I’m crazy impatient, I went and bought one of these Intelligender tests at HEB (good luck finding them at random stores though).

Another pee test, fun!  :-p  Turns orange-ish for girl, and green-ish for boy.  Their site says they’ve had 90% accuracy in clinical tests, and of course all the testimonials are positive.  I’m not going to take the results to heart… I’m taking it as seriously as any old-wives tale type way to guess the gender.  So no running out and buying pink stuff.  (yes, it said girl… goes with our poll results so far :-p)  I am going to let it ease my problem of, when looking at names/bedding/etc, which side to look at first.  :-p  Everyone keeps asking which one I want, boy or girl, and I just go back and forth.  A little girl would be cool, finally get to shop in the other 3/4 of the stores that are full of girl stuff… but a little brother for Sam?  That’d be so fun.  So I’m really just itching to find out so I can start looking at names, so we only have to go through 25,000.5 names.

We’ll probably keep our name choice a secret until the baby’s born, like we did with Sam.  It was difficult to keep it in, but it’s so hard to pick a name, just going from our own prejudices (Rachel?  I knew a Rachel in school, she ate glue and couldn’t say her “R”s… she was a sophmore…) so adding in everyone else’s… I can’t imagine how anyone can do it!

And in other baby news… I started feeling her/him move this last week!  Very lightly still, but seems to be getting stronger every day.  Love that I’m feeling movement… such a fun reminder, while I’m running after Sam, that I get to learn to run in 2 directions at once before too long!  🙂  I don’t get to spend as much time navel-gazing, so to speak, this pregnancy, so feeling the little one move helps me take a moment and revel.  So wonderful.  🙂

Watching the VP debate right now.  Really, the resemblance to Tina Fey is amazing.  :-p  And if you look away, you’d swear it was her talking.  Speaking of the election, be sure you’re registered to vote!

Rock the Vote!

There’s only a few more days left in most states to get registered.  Register, vote, do all that good stuff.

That’s it for now folks.  Hope your October is going well so far!


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