really long meme

– Available: not even a little
– Age: 25
– Annoyance: gadgets/computers not working correctly, people telling me what to do
– Animal: two dogs- Charlie (yorkie/chihuahua) & Linus (long hair chihuahua)
– Actor: enjoy several – current: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere.  past- Carey Grant, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracey
– Actress: current: Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie.  past: Katharine Hepburn  (shorter lists)

– Birthday/Birthplace: 11/17/83 in Amarillo, Tx
– Best Friends: Ryan, Niki, my mom
– Best Weather:  cold, snowy
– Best Feeling: enjoying time with Ryan & Sam, feeling the baby kick
– Been on stage: during various solos for competitions, barely sang over the sound of my knees knocking
– Believe in yourself: for most things
– Believe in Santa: always
– Been in Love: very much so
– Believe in Magic: not so much
– Believe in God: yes

– Car: rocking the minivan
– Candy: sour candies of various types, Milk Duds, maple chocolates
– Color: red
– Cried in school: yes – bruising a rib hurts!
– Chocolate/Vanilla: can I have a twist?
– Chinese/Mexican: Chinese lately
– Cake or pie: cake
– Continent/Country to visit: France
– Cheese: Cheddar

– Day or Night: night
– Dance: slow or not at all, unless I’m trying to make Sam laugh
– Dance in the rain: I have
– Do the splits: not my thing

– Eggs: scrambled with cheese
– Eyes: green, rimmed w/brown
– Ever failed a class? : yes

– First crush: Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell
– Full name: Meagan Renyae Friedman
– First thoughts waking up: Please go back to sleep Sam
– Food: cravings lately are PB&J, Gala apples

– Greatest Fear(s): Sam getting hurt, me drowning
– Gum: rarely
– Get along with your parents? : mom & I are great, dad and I teeter
– Good luck charm: Ryan

– Hair Color: dark brown, somewhere between chin & shoulder length
– Height: 5’6″
– Happy: more than I can even say
– Holiday: Christmas, time leading up to it
– Health freak?: nah
– Hate: barking dogs
– How do you want to die: peacefully in my sleep at 113 years old
– Ice Cream: cheesecake ice cream
– Instrument: nothing but an attempt at vocals
– Jewelry: engagement ring, wedding ring (currently on a chain around my neck, darn fat fingers), and a pink sapphire ring taking their place
– Job: stay at home mom, dreaming of running a stationery store
– Kids: constantly
– Keep a journal? : blog is the closest thing

– Longest Car Ride: Austin to FL?  Austin to Iowa?  dunno
– Laughed so hard you cried: many times
– Love at first sight: I think you can maybe just know
– Letter: working on writing more

– Milk flavor: chocolate (Nesquik syrup specifically)
– Movie: Gone with the Wind, Mr & Mrs. Smith
– Mooned anyone?:  no
– Marriage: working on 3rd year 🙂
– Motion sickness?: not usually
– McD’s or BK: don’t recall ever really eating Burger King, so McDonald’s

– Number of Siblings: 2 younger brothers
– Number of Piercings: just one in each ear
– Number: 11 & 17 or 7s

– Overused Phrases: you say a lot of things over & over with a toddler around
– One phobia: water
– One wish: win lottery?

– Place you’d like to live: somewhere that it snows in the winter, and isn’t hell in the summer
– Perfect Pizza: thin crust, no sauce, cheese only (Domino’s does it best)
– Pepsi/Coke: Coke usually

– Quail: had quail legs at our wedding, think I might have had one?

– Reason to cry: breaking your toe
– Reality T.V.: only Dancing with the Stars
– Radio Station: hardly ever listen, but country if I do
– Roll your tongue in a circle?: yep
– Ring size: normally 5.5 I believe?

– Song: …I can’t even think of a grown-up song
– Salad Dressing: ranch
– Shrimp: yes
– Sushi: nothing raw
– Skipped school: yeah
– Slept outside: yeah
– Seen a dead body: at funerals
– Shower Daily: when time & Sam allow
– Sing well: used to, haven’t had training in a while
– Stuffed Animals: the bear Ryan gave me my wedding present on (earrings)
– Single/Group dates: rarely get to be alone w/Ryan, so single is nice, but also rarely get to be around other adults-  I just want to go out!
– Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries are my fav, but I wouldn’t turn away a blueberry either
– Shoe size: 9

– Time for bed: past midnight
– Thunderstorms: nice, so long as no danger of tornadoes
– TV: so long as my DVR’s working
– Touch your tongue to your nose: no

– Unpredictable: motivation
– Vegetable you hate: radishes?  beets?
– Vegetable you love: tomato w/salt, corn, potatoes
– Vacation spot: nothing beats Hawaii

– Weakness: ice cream?
– When you grow up: have a passel of happy kids, a loving marriage & my own business  (got all 3 started)
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Ryan?
– Who makes you laugh the most: Ryan
– Worst feeling: serious worry
– Wanted to be a model: I suppose I’ve had moments of ego high enough to think of it
– Worst weather: anything above 85 isn’t a temperature, it’s a radio station

– X-Ray: had a couple

– Year now: 2009
– Yellow: not a favorite

– Zoo animal: monkeys
– Zodiac sign: scorpio


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