25 random things about me

(because mindless memes are all that I have braincells for)

1. I love taking quizzes. (fun, not educational)

2. I love calendars, and lists.

3. I could spend hours in an office supply store.  (post-its, whoo!)

4. Ice cream tends to improve my mood greatly.

5. I’m on anti-depressants (not rocky road flavor either).

6. I’m horrible at staying in contact with friends/family.

7. However, I talk to my mom on the phone for an hour just about every day during the week.

8. Have wanted, at various times in my life, to be the following “when I grow up”:  fashion designer, psychologist, counselor, wedding planner, writer.

9. I love cards & stationery.

10. I don’t like low-brow humor or stupid movies.

11. I am a details person, though only on big projects that fall within my interest scope.

12. I love buying people presents.

13. I adore gadgets and new technology, and understand the workings of none of them.

14. I am very introverted around those I don’t know, and am often mistaken for stuck up because of this.

15. I didn’t like Brad Pitt till he became a dad & had a family with Angelina Jolie.

16. I’ve always like Angelina.

17. I didn’t own a single tshirt in high school till my senior year.  Now I wear almost nothing but.

18. I love sour things, and haven’t ever tasted anything too sour for me.

19. Do not like spicy things.

20. My friends called me “Mom” in high school.

21. I go through phases of being completely addicted to a food.  Ex.- frozen berries, peanut butter & syrup sandwiches, cheese cake ice cream (none are pregnancy cravings)

22. I am a very visual person, and can’t remember anything if it’s just spoken to me.

23. I love to read, and don’t near as much as I’d like.

24. I love gray hair.

25. I wish I could put on a brand new pair of socks every day, never re-wearing them.


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