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My sweet Sammy, who will hardly stay still long enough for a regular camera to catch him, much less a slow iPhone cam.  He treated us to a song tonight, “My Song” (from Maggie  & the Ferocious Beast) & very sweetly gave me a kiss at bedtime without me asking for one. 🙂


My wittle Will, who has figured out the smile muscles in his sleep, and is showing this skill often enough even the afore mentioned iPhone can catch it.  He’s very good natured and only cries a little if the milk buffet’s slow to open, or the diaper wipes are a little too cold.



A dimple?



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William Grant!


Baby stuff!

Okay folks, now we’re getting somewhere.  At my doctor’s appointment today, we found out I’m dilated to a 3.  (Hurrah!)  I was at a 2 until they induced me last time, so I’m already farther.  We have our induction tentatively scheduled for March 6th right now.  My doctor doesn’t think I’ll make it that long though, so we’ll revisit the issue at my next appointment, the 25th.  If I’ve made more progress (measuring 4-5 cm) and/or am just really done being pregnant (and have all ducks in a row), we may reschedule the induction for the 27th.

All of this induction talk is, of course, on the assumption that the baby and my body wouldn’t do something so unorganized as to start labor at an inconvenient time or place.

So now you get to guess!  Will baby stick around for the 6th induction, or sometime before that?  How big will he be?

So you know, Sam was born at 12:28 pm on May 11th, induced.  He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, and was 20 inches long.


V-day cinnamon rolls from hubby <3

a tote to believe in

Obama wins tote

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