Things I like…

Went to Babies R Us on my own last weekend, and while going about, I helped 2 different couples who were registering steer clear of bad products, or point out the better option.  Decided this was a decent service to provide at large, and so

Things I Like

was born.  Just writing up stuff that, you got it, I like.  Mostly of a kid-related bend, but may occasionally branch out to other stuff that is me-friendly.  Will probably have it shoot the updates to my Facebook, so those of you that know me on there will get the info first.  Enjoy & stuff.


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  1. Stephanie McKenzie
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 22:44:53

    I love the Rain Forest Jumperoo as well. It was great for DeLana she would jump herself to sleep. Even now she still says “I’nna jump”. I haven’t tried the Boogie Wipes, but hear they are great. I wasn’t impressed with the Piddle pad though. DeLana’s seat belts fold it up and instead of catching things they just fall through the carseat and end up on the car’s seat. Maybe the Deluxe version would have been a better option, but it wasn’t out when I got mine. My favorite baby product is Butt Paste! DeLana broke out w/Desitin and Balmex, but the Butt Paste would clear up the rash after one application.


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