About – UPDATED!

A little bit of everything… attempted jill of all trades (master of none?)… striving for well rounded, but still finding self with sharp edges… random and mostly unmotivated… welcome

To be more specific, I’m a late 20s, married, mom of 2 little boys.  I love reading, computers and my iPhone.  I hate long walks on the beach, and most any other outdoor activity.  I don’t swim or rollerskate, and the quickest you’ll see any of me move is my fingers on a keyboard.  I love wit, quotes and puns.  I’m very liberal, but only get preachy when someone’s being picked on.  I’ve gone from a childhood nickname of MeaganBear to a fierce momma bear ready to protect all that I love, and even those that can’t protect themselves.

I love shopping, clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry, but I’m just as likely to get excited about the latest Sci-Fi movie, or tell you why Joss Whedon is a genius.  There’s probably something for everyone here, but it’s a very select few that will enjoy all that I do here.


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